Help Wanted for the Trianthology Translation Project

A number of months ago, the prologue of 07th Expansion's Trianthology was given a one-off translation by a Discord user, and some time afterward, SaltyBucket put together a project to insert the translation into the game. Much work was needed due to its incredibly complex scripting and effects; thanks to the toils of project member 730, English text now runs in a hacked version of the stock ONScripter, along with English image assets edited by SaltyBucket.

The intial translation quality has been rough around the edges, and the novel itself is of a considerable size, so more translators are needed in order to get the project off of the ground. Additionally, those experienced with NScripter/Lua hybrid scripting would be of much help.
If you are a competent Japanese to English translator or NSLua scripter and are interested in helping to lead the charge in translating one of 07th Expansion's most obscure and technically impressive novels, please e-mail me at chaoskaiser72 at or add me on Discord at @chaoskaiser72#3969.