List of NScripter Games in English

These are all of the English or English-translated NScripter games I've encountered thus far - all of the below titles run in ONScripter-EN unless specified otherwise, and are full, free game downloads also unless specified otherwise. Please update ONScripter-EN and add a containing the name of the game inside each installed game folder before playing.
I've mirrored downloads of most of the free novels in relation to Insani and the al|together novel festival. These are the original, untouched Windows installers; the reason for which being that most of the Linux torrents are probably dead. If you don't use Windows, these .exe installers may be extracted like normal zips. These mirrors are provided due to the fact that most of these novels can only be obtained through barely-seeded torrents on, or outside mirrors - as such, please do not just consider this page a source of obtaining the games, rather, use them to seed the torrents on so that these stories may be enjoyed well into the future.