Here we have a quite comprehensive list of sites related to almost all of my interests, including resources and softwares that I've found indispensible.

MIDI - nerve MIDI materials; several of which were used in Higurashi's Question Arcs - Ashika's MIDI Room; recreations and medleys of anime and game music - English page of Gallery Oto; full of excellent classical and original compositions - Elixir's MIDI Page for Classical Guitar - Suhyan's Secret Path to the Music - Piero MIDI Library - Classic and original MIDI compositions - AQUANOTE free MIDIs - WindSphere MIDI material - Great collection of Country & Western MIDIs - Gary's MIDI Paradise: hundreds of unique MIDIs of classic American songs
Playing MIDI - GeneralUser GS; my favorite soundfont - OmegaGMGS2 is a significantly larger soundfont with a more classic sound - VirtualMIDISynth replaces the shoddy Windows GS Wavetable Synth with a customisable interface that supports soundfonts

Internet Radio -'s high-quality Japanese music streaming - Dvorcafe Krajina music forum

Visual Novel - Archived site of inside-cap, fan circle that made Game Boy Advance ROMs of VN music and game ports - Mirror offering downloads of Narcissu in both English and Japanese for all platforms, along with some other goodies - SOGNA Digital Museum is a resource and forum for games by eroge company SOGNA - Home page of the Digital Novel Markup Language engine - Home page of DNML(緑) (DNML Green), an actively maintained Digital Novel Markup Language interpreter - mirror of Uncle Mion's ONScripter Corner. Go here for the last builds and source of the engine and the asset tools - Non-EN ONScripter page - Home of translation group insani, with a ton of free translated ONScripter novels and engine tools - Development page of Haeleth, former maintainer of ONScripter-EN - Senzogawa's NScripter Scripting Factory - RadicalR translated not only Kanon, but quite a few obscure games and oddities - arc_unpacker extracts the assets of an immense host of VNs and related games - Riox extracts the assets of games running on the rUGP novel engine, most notably Muv-Luv

Free Games - KATAWA CRASH: Go play it. - Mad Father: a very well-made survival horror-ish game made in Wolf RPG Maker

Literature - Original texts and decent translations of three Old English poems, and Havamal - Untranslated original Old English texts - More dynamic and polished Modern English translations of the majority of Old English poems - Small collection of more recent English classics - XML-ified texts of classic literature - The Princeton Dante Project

Recommended Operating Systems/Distros - OpenBSD: The world's first proactively secure UNIX-like operating system - Slackware Linux Does Not Need A Package Manager - eComStation is an updated distro of the classic IBM OS/2 Warp

Recommended Windows Software - Total Commander is the EXTREMELY featureful, stable, classic commander-style file manager for Windows 95 up to 10 - Irfanview is a lightweight and very featureful image viewer and converter - WINAMP Media Player: It Really Whips The Llama's Ass - MPV: the fastest video player alive - Ripcord chat client for Discord and Slack; incredibly lightweight and close to the real deal - The GIMP is a Free and Open Source image editor that does everything you need; I use it for all of my projects and minor work - Notepad++ is the essential text editor for programming on Windows; lightweight and stable - An helpful guide to installing OTVDM, a Win16 subsystem for 64-bit Windows versions - Disk drive monitor that can determine the health of your drives; WARNING may include anime girls - Resource Hacker: It Really Hacks The Windows Resources - Inexperience Patcher is a UI fix for Windows XP to make it look like Windows 2000

Recommended Mobile Software - Total Commander is also a wonderful file manager for Windows CE and Android - F-Droid is a full FOSS Play Store replacement for Android - NewPipe is a YouTube replacement app for Android - Girls' Frontline

Miscellaneous - Hobbes OS/2 archive: one of the most historic and important sites still serving the web. Contains freeware/shareware software and utilities for OS/2, DOS and Windows 3.1, along with historical image files, sound files, MIDI files and more. - Anime Theme is full of goodies like legacy Windows themes, wallpapers, browser games (even for PSP) and desktop gadgets, all presented with a Dynamic HTML interface - Escargot MSN server: Escargot is a custom server that makes old versions of MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger work again - The Nekonomicon is an archive of Nekochan, the long-gone premiere hobbyist community for SGI aficionados - Spyware Watchdog is a zealous aggregator of security in popular software