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Nom de Plume

Netscape Communicator lets you create different user profiles for yourself-a neat trick for keeping track of different mail accounts or maintaining multiple sets of browsing preferences. The User Profile Manager, part of the Communicator suite, takes you through the steps required to set up a new identity. It's located on the Start menu under Programs/Netscape Communicator/Utilities/User Profile Manager.

There's No Place Like Home

Navigator has a built-in transporter that takes you directly to the Netscape Web site at http://home.netscape.com. Just click on the Netscape icon on the navigation bar.

Easy Updates

The smart update feature in Communicator instantly tells you whether you have the latest versions of the components and lets you download new versions easily. Enable the AutoInstall option, found in Edit/Preferences under the Advanced section, then visit http:cgi.netscape.com/cgi-bin/upgrade.cgi.

Personal Plug-In Page

Plug-ins can improve browsing, but they operate so seamlessly you might forget they're there. In Communicator, check the personal plug-in page, accessible through Help/About Plug-Ins, to see what's currently loaded.

Phone Fast

NetMeeting has a speed-dialing directory where you can store the Internet Locator Server (ILS) and log-on identity of frequently called people. Add an entry by picking SpeedDial/Add SpeedDial from the menu. To call someone, click on the SpeedDial tab and select the appropriate entry.

Pretty Printouts

You can print the contents of the current Web page displayed by Internet Explorer 3.0 (and later) or Netscape Navigator just by clicking on a toolbar icon. With either program, you can tweak the appearance of printed pages by selecting File/Page Setup. You can pick a custom paper size, set margins, and designate headers and footers.

Compact Search Results

A typical AltaVista search may turn up hundreds of hits. Instead of paging through the results 10 items at a time, set AltaVista to display a compact listing that shows only the page titles.

Vive la Difference

Navigator offers two options for repainting the page in your browser. Refresh presents a copy of the page from cache, while Reload checks the server and downloads a new page if it's newer than the one in cache. Refresh is faster, but Reload guarantees you'll get the latest.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

If you get interrupted while downloading a file in Communicator, return to the original link and download again. Communicator will resume the download from where it stopped so you don't have to download the entire file from the beginning.

Tiny Toolbar

You can make the Communicator toolbar smaller by displaying only icons or only text. Go to Edit/Preferences, select Appearance and select the toolbar option you want under Show Toolbar As.

Opt for Speed

If you're in a hurry and looking for information only, you can turn off support for Java or JavaScript in Communicator. Go to Edit/Preferences, select Advanced and uncheck the Enable Java and Enable JavaScript check boxes.

Been There ... Where?

If you can't remember the URL for a Web site you want to revisit, you can try to find it by searching your history list. Open Netscape Navigator's history file by typing Ctrl+H, and then pick the Edit/Search History List menu item.

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