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ProVenture Custom Business Stationery
Make the Best Impression

-- by Joel T. Patz

As your business grows and changes, you may want to update your corporate image. ProVenture's Custom Business Stationery gives you the tools to make a good impression. Nothing is easier for creating stationery, envelopes and business cards.

After installation, Custom Business Stationery merges information about you and your company with predesigned layouts that print on blank and custom stock. You can then move text, insert your own graphics, or switch layouts. With a color printer, the possibilities are unlimited. Custom Business Stationery uses matched designs, so your cards, stationery and envelopes present a uniform image. With the aid of the clip-art library, it took us less than 10 minutes to create a customized matching set.

The clip-art library offers 5,000 pieces, including some well-chosen business images. You also get simple text and graphics editing tools; cropping and send to front/back commands; and controls for text alignment, custom line spacing and margins. You can even create text styles.

Creating two-sided business cards is also a snap, and you can specify where on a sheet of card stock to print the first card. A spell checker prevents embarrassing errors, and a simple mail merge of ASCII and dBASE data, plus data from MySoftware Co. products, can expedite tasks.

However, the program has a few serious limitations. Although you can rotate text, you can do so only in 90-degree increments. In addition, there's no support for custom paper sizes or gradient fills.

Your word processor may have templates for business stationery, but none has the depth and breadth of the professional designs from Custom Business Stationery. Its ease of use allows you to quickly update your business graphics as your organization changes.


ProVenture Custom Business Stationery

Bottom Line: Gives a professional touch to your business stationery
Price: $34.95
Platforms:3x, 95
Pros: Easy to use; several styles and colors; tons of clip art
Cons: Limited image rotation; no custom paper sizes
Strongest Rival: Templates in word processing packages

ProVenture, 800-325-3508, 415-473-3600. Winfo #557

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 166.

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