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Info Select 4.0
Data Manager Muddles Along

-- by James E. Powell

It's a rare utility that lets you organize diverse types of information-such as contact names, free-form notes and Web addresses-through one centralized management system. In this respect, Info Select is uniquely flexible. However, the program lacks the ease of use offered by ACT 3.0, our WinList product of choice.

Info Select's interface is split into two windows. On the left, you'll find an Explorer-like hierarchical outline where you can insert various data types-such as notes, calendars and databases-from a pre-defined list. When you click on an entry, its content appears on the right half of the screen. Info Select's ability to handle multiple data types is enhanced by its blink-of-an-eye, find-anything-anywhere search engine. This makes the program good for tracking odd bits of information.

Info Select provides several tools to create and edit databases. You can specify field names and types, and design a custom screen for entering or viewing records.

It can also link any two items together. For instance, you can link a contact name to an appointment. However, linking is a two-step process in Info Select, not the simple drag-and-drop procedure used by ACT. In addition, when you delete one item in a linked pair, the program fails to delete the link from the remaining item.

You can't drag and drop a contact name to a calendar to create an appointment and, in the beta we tested, appointments appeared in reverse chronological order. The program remains difficult to learn, and online help is mediocre.

No utility we know so easily combines data types as Info Select, but its steep learning curve and lack of convenient drag-and-drop features need to be addressed before we can recommend it. If you're looking for contact-management features with a note keeper, you'd be better off working with our WinList PIM, ACT 3.0.


Info Select 4.0

Bottom Line: Great for pinpointing information, but tough to learn
Price: $99.95; upgrade, $69.95
Platforms: 95, NT
Pros: Accommodates wide variety of data
Cons: Steep learning curve; poor interface and help
Strongest Rival: ACT 3.0

Micro Logic Corp., 800-342-5930, 201-342-6518. Winfo #556

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 166.

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