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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline
NT Product Pipeline


This multithreaded server application integrates calendaring and scheduling across Windows NT and UNIX servers. CorporateTime lets you navigate your daily calendar, block off time, invite attendees to meetings and reserve conference rooms.

It also supports IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris and UnixWare servers, as well as Windows 3.x, 95, NT, Macintosh and Motif clients.

From $1,400 for 25 seats
Corporate Software and Technologies
800-424-4942, 514-733-8500
Winfo #821

Oracle Proxy Server 1.0

Netscape and Microsoft have a new foe in the proxy server wars-Oracle Proxy Server 1.0. The new product, available for NT and Sun Solaris, filters and caches Web content locally, thereby providing your network users with fast, secure access to Web pages. It supports FTP, HTTP and Gopher protocols; encrypted traffic; and Spyglass SurfWatch filtering, which blocks searches, queries and URLs that contain prohibited content.

Oracle Corp.
800-ORACLE-1, 415-506-7000
Winfo #822

WebSense for Microsoft Proxy Server

If you can't beat Microsoft Proxy Server, enhance it. That's the theory behind WebSense, an Internet screening system that's fully integrated with Proxy Server. It can monitor or block network traffic to Internet sites that you deem objectionable or inappropriate for business use. It requires NT 4.0 with at least Service Pack 2 and Microsoft Proxy Server.

From $445 to $1,995
NetPartners Internet Solutions
800-723-1166, 619-505-3020
Winfo #823

LabExpert 2.0.1

This utility, developed by several former Novell engineers, lets you simultaneously deploy software across dozens of networked workstations. A Control Console lets you reboot any machine on your network. Another component, called ImageBlaster Pro, lets you capture a snapshot image of one hard drive and copy it to other hard drives on your network. LabExpert is positioned for classrooms, student labs and test environments that require rapid software deployments on a regular basis. KeyLabs says the program is also ideal for rapidly deploying NT or Win95 across corporate desktops.

$700 for 10 nodes
888-KEYLABS, 801-377-5484
Winfo #824

Meta IP

Instead of assigning and managing IP addresses manually, automate the process with Meta IP for NT 3.51 and 4.0. It supports the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) standard and automatically assigns IP addresses to networked workstations. You can manage IP addresses remotely using its Java-based interface.

From $995 for up to 25 DHCP clients; unlimited DNS clients


206-674-3700, fax 206-674-3800

Winfo #825

Tri-Star PowerStation MDA4

Add Tri-Star Computer to the small but growing niche of NT/Alpha systems providers. Tri-Star's PowerStation MDA4 has a 533MHz Alpha processor, 256MB of RAM (expandable to 512MB), 2MB of level 2 SRAM cache and a 4.3GB Ultra-Wide SCSI-3 disk drive. For engineers and graphic designers, the system offers an ELSA Gloria-L 3D OGL graphics accelerator with 16MB of RAM and a 17-inch monitor. It runs NT Workstation 4.0 and includes FX32 for NT/Intel applications.

From $8,995
Tri-Star Computer
800-800-7668, 602-731-4926
Winfo #826


This NT application supports collaborative document management across distributed networks. Any authorized user can "check" a document in or out from Domino.Doc using common desktop applications, Web browsers or a Lotus Notes client. Users can also create file cabinets and folders, assign access rights to documents and manage file versions. It requires NT Server 4.0 (running on Intel hardware) with at least 48MB of RAM and 1GB of disk space.

From $4,700.
Lotus Development Corp.
800-343-5414, 617-577-8500

NuView ManageX 2.0

This systems-management software provides a single console for administering a network. It's compatible with the Microsoft Management Console and includes seven new snap-in modules: Event Log Manager, Reboot/Shutdown, User Administration, Console Messaging, Logging, Intelligence Manager and Smart Broker. It was developed using DCOM and ActiveX, and supports the auto discovery of NT systems across an enterprise.

$299 per server.
888-NUVIEW-0, 281-497-0620
Winfo #827

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page NT12.

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