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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline -- Network Management
Seagate AshWin 3.51
Automate NT Applications

Mainframes and minis have long supported automated job scheduling; now Seagate AshWin 3.51 brings similar capabilities to Windows NT Server.

The software, which carries the Designed for Microsoft BackOffice logo, lets you automate payroll, sales reporting or any mission-critical jobs across 32-bit Windows and UNIX systems.

You can schedule tasks to run at various times, including daily, weekly and monthly intervals.

A single graphical user interface displays active, pending and completed jobs. The Q feature queues jobs to run on your network's first available machine.

It requires at least a Pentium-class system running NT Server 3.51 or later, and 32MB of RAM.

From $4,995 for five nodes
Seagate Software
800-327-2232, 407-531-7500
Winfo #815

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page NT10.

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