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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline -- Network Management
Keep an Eye on Your Enterprise

Need to know how many copies of Microsoft Word 7.0 are installed on your network, or what percentage of your PCs require more RAM to run Office 97? NETinventory can tell you.

This asset-management program audits your networked PCs and documents the hardware and software installed across your enterprise. It can identify more than 3,500 applications and 18,000 files. Moreover, you can customize NETinventory's database to search for obscure software or home-grown applications.

It requires 12MB of RAM, 40MB of hard disk space, NetWare 3.11 or later and BindView's Enterprise Management System Console, a reporting tool for distributed networks.

From $595 to $9,995
BindView Development Corp.
800-749-8439, 713-881-9100
Winfo #814

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page NT10.

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