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NT Product Pipeline -- Intranets
Whistle InterJet 200
Whistle While You Work Online

Put your small business online with the Whistle InterJet 200, an Internet appliance that combines low-end server hardware with e-mail, Web access and Web publishing software. It also offers full-time Internet connections that scale from 56Kbps to full T1 speeds for up to 100 employees.

The InterJet 200 is based on an Intel 486 architecture and runs on a UNIX kernel. For Web novices, it includes templates and predefined CGIs that help users create intranet and Internet pages. Netscape Navigator 3.01, Claris Home Page 2.0 and Eudora Light 3.01 also come bundled with the system.

Whistle Communications
800-4-WHISTLE, 415-577-700
Winfo #811

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page NT09.

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