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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline -- Intranets
IntraNetics 97
Intranet In a Box

Before you hire a Webmaster to build your corporate intranet, take a look at IntraNetics 97. This software suite for NT Server includes 17 integrated intranet applications organized into five categories: People, Places, Things, Time and Reference.

The People category, for instance, offers applications for maintaining organizational charts and searching business contact lists. The Things category lets your intranet organize and track expense reports, resumes, presentations and software. Support for various third-party applications-including Netscape Mail Server, Informix-OnLine Workgroup Database and Microsoft SQL Server-is optional.

IntraNetics 97 requires at least a 486-based server running NT 4.0 (UNIX support is expected soon), 32MB of RAM, 50MB of disk space and Internet access.

From $4,995 to $7,495
IntraNetics Corp.
888-932-2600, 617-932-0960
Winfo #813

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page NT09.

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