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NT Enterprise
NT Newstrends
Heard in the Back Office

-- by Dayton A. Hermes

The NT industry's latest scuttlebutt, tidbits and rumors ... A Sour Suite: Talk about a taxing situation. My financial adviser tells me that a Big Six accounting firm licensed Office 97 for 50,000 desktops ... but hasn't deployed a single copy of the suite, thanks to the discovery of several bugs. Did somebody say write-off? NetPCs Have "NT Inside": After seeing early demos of low-cost NetPCs, I can't help but question Win9x's future within corporate America. All of the systems were running NT. Crying Foul: Iomega was a little upset with an earlier column here, which said the company doesn't support NT. Actually, an NT driver is now available for Iomega's Ditto tape drive. Take That, Digital: Deskstation Technology's top brass tells me they won't follow Digital into the sub-$3,000 Alpha/NT market. Instead, the workstation vendor will sell $10,000+ Alpha/NT systems and push Intel processors when customers demand lower-cost systems. Selling New Technology: Former Novell president Joe Marengi now hawks NT servers for Dell Computer. Perhaps he finally realizes that with or without him, that "other" server operating system is going NoWare. Expensive Decision: Hide your checkbook. Redmond insiders say Microsoft is considering charging for Internet Information Server 4.0. So far IIS has been free for NT Server 4.0 customers. Nice Touch: When logging on to a Sun Solaris system during a recent trade show, Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy typed the password no2nt.

When retired software tycoon Dayton A. Hermes isn't busy exercising lucrative stock options, he's rubbing shoulders with the NT elite, sunbathing at his winter home in Cairo or writing this column. Dayton prefers not to share his cell phone number, but you can contact him via e-mail at dhermes@winmag.com, care of the editor or the addresses on page 20.

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page NT04.

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