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Groupware Rides The Internet

-- by Joseph C. Panettieri

When it comes to groupware enhancements from Microsoft and Novell, all roads lead to the Internet.

Novell hopes to ship GroupWise 5.2 for NetWare, NT Server and UNIX sometime this fall. It supports several Internet standards (IMAP4, POP3, LDAP), along with numerous workflow and imaging enhancements. Novell had hoped to deliver these features earlier this year, but got sidetracked developing version 5.1, which was essentially a set of bug fixes for 5.0.

For its part, Microsoft is developing Osmium, a minor upgrade for Exchange Server 5.0 that's slated to ship before the year's end. Like GroupWise 5.2, Osmium supports IMAP4 and LDAP (POP3 support is already available in Exchange Server 5.0). The upgrade also eliminates Exchange's 16GB public folder memory limit (a nice enhancement for memory-hungry enterprises) and lets you recover deleted messages from your trash bin.

As of press time, neither Novell nor Microsoft had discussed pricing for the upgrades.

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page NT04.

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