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Pentium II Powers NT Servers

-- by Joseph C. Panettieri

Intel still touts the Pentium Pro as its premier processor for high-end Windows NT servers, but the Pentium II is making headway into servers that run less-demanding applications.

A new version of the Pentium II processor contains Error Correction Code (ECC) on the level 2 cache. This ECC support, as Pentium Pro users already know, ensures data integrity within mission-critical applications. Intel says the Pentium II with ECC is typically 30 percent faster than the Pentium Pro in single- and dual-processor servers. However, the Pentium Pro still delivers better performance in servers containing four or more processors.

Dell Computer, for one, agrees with Intel's assessment. The PC giant has revamped its dual-processor PowerEdge 4000 series with the new 4200 server, a single- or dual-processor Pentium II system that starts at $5,349. Dell says it will continue using the Pentium Pro in its quad-processor 6100 server. Most server vendors are expected to follow Dell's Pentium II lead.

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page NT04.

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