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New Products
Help Wizard Tells It Like It Is

You no longer need to spend precious time guessing what wording your online Help system is looking for. AnswerWorks lets help authors and software developers add an easy-to-use natural-language interface to Windows online Help. Using advanced linguistic technology licensed from Novell, AnswerWorks enables you to ask questions in plain English.

The program translates your question into the appropriately worded query (thereby eliminating the confusion of wild-card searches) and quickly retrieves the pertinent help topics using an index file that's smaller than Windows Help full-text search files.

The Project Wizard allows you to choose project preferences and specify input files. You can include author-defined synonym and phrase lists to extend the program's built-in synonym library. The utility automatically generates all end-user project files and updates HPJ files; it recompiles your existing Help system to incorporate your previous Help customization. The program adds a tab to your Windows Help dialog box or uses the API that allows custom interface creation.

AnswerWorks supports both 16- and 32-bit Windows Help files, and includes language options for English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. There is a $795 license fee to authors who wish to distribute AnswerWorks with their program.

WexTech Systems
800-WEXTECH, 212-949-9595
Winfo #569

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 88.

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