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New Products
In Brief

Build Web applications using a Visual Basic for Applications-based development and execution framework with EdgeworX 1.1. The tool uses a comprehensive library of server-side ActiveX components encapsulating HTML and application logic.

As in VBA, you can drop components into an application, set properties and write code using VBA without the need for CGI, form data processing and HTML file manipulation. The latest version adds a Windows Explorer-style object repository manager, enhanced scalability and support for cookies.

Antares Alliance Group
888-484-EDGE, 972-447-5500
Winfo #572

CodeWizard for Java uses Source Code Analysis technology to parse Java source code and find coding violations. It automatically enforces standard coding rules to prevent common errors such as unused or hidden inherited-instance variables and assignments within an "if" condition. The toolset adds buttons to Microsoft Visual Studio's IDE toolbar and can be used as a standalone analysis tool or as a front end to your Java compiler.

ParaSoft Corp.
888-305-0041, 626-305-0041
Winfo #573

Visual Coverage lets you monitor the execution status of each source line without preprocessing or recompiling your Visual C++ (2.x and later) or Developer Studio 4.x-created code. After any test run, you can examine coverage of functions, classes, multiple conditions and logical branches; identify dead code; and trace completed execution to specific lines of source code.

TracePoint Technology
888-688-2504, 408-283-5350
Winfo #574

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 88.

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