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New Products
Tektronix Phaser 560
Set Your Phaser on High Speed

The Tektronix Phaser 560 offers your workgroup high-resolution color laser printing with features that combine economy and usability. The printer churns out 1200dpi color pages at up to 5 pages per minute and black-and-white text pages at 14ppm. Built-in Adobe PostScript page processing software and networking options allow you to share the printer across mixed-platform and multi-application workgroups. The printer is also capable of handling a wide range of media.

The Phaser 560 can accommodate up to four input trays and is able to print up to 850 pages before you have to reload. Double-capacity toner cartridges let you print up to 10,000 color pages or 12,000 monochrome pages. A consumables tracking feature makes sure you won't run out of supplies unexpectedly.

800-835-6100, 503-682-7377
Winfo #602

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 86.

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