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New Products
Epson EPL-N1200 and EPL-N2000
A Double Dose of Laser Printing

Two new 600-dots-per-inch laser printers have emerged from Epson. The EPL-N1200 prints 12 pages per minute and features a 20MHz sparclite processor, built-in PostScript Level 2 emulation and a 6,000-page imaging cartridge for small workgroups. The printer can connect up to four host computers. The EPL-N2000 features up to 20ppm and oversize output for large workgroups. A high-speed RISC processor allows both printers to deliver 600x600dpi output, while Epson's proprietary Resolution Improvement Technology provides maximum sharpness and clarity.

The EPL-N1200 offers 6MB of memory (expandable to 64MB); the EPL-N2000 includes 4MB (expandable to 68MB). Both ship with two high-speed bidirectional parallel interfaces. Ethernet connectivity is optional on the EPL-N1200. The EPL-N2000 features an on-board multiprotocol Ethernet print server and parallel IEEE 1284 interface for direct connections to larger networks.

The EPL-N1200 is equipped with a 250-sheet universal paper tray; two optional 500-sheet lower paper cassettes may be added to boost capacity to 1,250 sheets. The EPL-N2000 comes with a 500-sheet paper tray plus a built-in 150-sheet universal tray that accommodates up to 13x19-inch paper for full-bleed 11x17 comps or CAD drawings.

EPL-N1200, $1,099; EPL-N2000, $1,899
Epson America
800-463-7766, 310-782-0770
Winfo #601

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 86.

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