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New Products
In Brief

The Exide Powerware Profile UPS automatically adjusts energy use before power is passed to the protected load. Its battery recharges when necessary. Network administrators can manage the unit remotely by connecting a modem to one of the two built-in serial ports.

From $8,869
Exide Electronics Group
800-554-3448, 919-872-3020
Winfo #604

The SunWize Portable Energy System converts both direct and indirect sunlight into electricity for your notebook. The system can power or charge most battery-operated devices. It includes the SunWize Opti-Meter, an LCD metering system that responds to light intensity, and the SunWize Multi-Volt Controller, which regulates power flow between the computer and the Portable Energy System while providing the proper voltage.

$349; Solar Doubler, $279
SunWize Technologies
800-81-SOLAR, 914-336-7700
Winfo #605

The Liebert UPStation GXT comes in 700VA and 1000VA sizes-large enough to protect networks, clustered PCs and workstations, LAN, WAN and Internet servers. The UPS mini-tower features user-installable SNMP communications, a two-way integral dynamic bypass, user-replaceable batteries and Liebert SiteNet 1 or SiteNet 2 monitoring kits.

Liebert Corp.
800-877-9222, 614-888-0246
Winfo #606

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 86.

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