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New Products
VideoDirector Studio 200
Choose the Best and Edit the Rest

Turn your raw video footage into perfectly edited productions with the VideoDirector Studio 200 video-editing suite. Because Studio 200 does not require image compression, you can output full-resolution VHS and S-VHS videotapes from your PC. The included software lets you edit video and audio by adding titles, graphics, voice-overs and music.

The Studio Mixer, an external hardware device, eliminates the need to use up gigabytes of your hard disk space. Simply connect it to your computer's parallel port, and with the included SmartCable, you can control your camcorder and VCR from your PC.

Add special effects such as superimposition, animation, fades and wipes, linear keying and drop shadows for text. Also included is a CD-ROM library of graphics, sound effects, music and fonts.

Pinnacle Systems
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Winfo #576

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 80.

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