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New Products
Business Productivity
AnyTime Deluxe 5.0
AnyTime's the Right Time for a PIM

Organize your hectic schedule more efficiently with AnyTime Deluxe 5.0. This PIM can integrate with Microsoft Exchange or any other MAPI-compliant e-mail software to send messages to contacts.

If you have repeating appointments that fall on the weekend, AnyTime Deluxe will reschedule them to the preceding Friday or following Monday according to your preference. Password-protect any file containing personal information, activate alarms for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, and roll over unfinished to-do items to the next day.

The program offers telephone number auto-dialing, a free-time finder and more than 100 report layouts for calendars, to-do lists, address books, labels and schedules.

Individual Software
800-822-3522, 510-734-6767
Winfo #608

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 78.

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