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New Products
Great Plains Dynamics 4.0
Internet-Ready Accounting Solution

Now you can add a new dynamic to managing your business finances. Dynamics 4.0 embeds Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in its DynamicTools suite of integration, customization and application development tools as a component of the Dynamics Modifier module.

The addition of VBA enhances and extends the customization capabilities of the Dynamics Modifier and provides the ability to integrate Dynamics with customer-specific or industry-standard applications, without using a full development environment.

Dynamics 4.0 features enhanced accounting functionality, reporting and information access capabilities, an online help system and Internet integration through its Dynamics NetSeries module. You can make Internet information available to customers, vendors and employees, as well as add an Internet browser to your Dynamics taskbar. Dynamics' reports are MAPI-compliant and can be e-mailed to other employees. The Dynamics.View module allows all employees within your organization to access financial information through the use of their Web browser.

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Great Plains Software
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Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 78.

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