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TapDance for Law Firms will help streamline the hiring process. The objective skills-assessment solution aids in testing and interviewing potential job candidates in the legal field. The process can also help determine the training needs of current employees. Typing, grammar, spelling (including legal phrases), transcription and two wordprocessing tests are included.

PRI Associates
800-774-9165, 919-493-7534
Winfo #610

Keep track of important information and tax filing dates with Small-Business Tax Organizer. The planning and scheduling tool can help you avoid late filing penalties and interest by providing information on filing requirements. Keep up-to-date with timely compliance of required filings and ensure the capture of collection discounts.

The program gives you access to summaries of 1,131 state and federal filing requirements-plus addresses and phone numbers of 3,500 government agencies-and helps you determine which filings may be applicable to your business.

Loran Advisors
510-831-2055, fax 510-743-3997
Winfo #611

Travel Tools 3.0 turns your portable PC into an indispensable traveling companion by providing conversion tools that turn foreign data into familiar phrases. You'll find conversion information for temperatures, weights and measures, clothing and shoe sizes, language, currency and world time. A modem guide displays the telephone plugs and voltages used in more than 100 countries.

Biztrav International
800-506-4622, 619-625-4622
Winfo #612

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 78.

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