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WebSnake 1.0
Rattled by Offline Browsing?

Tired of spending time and money slithering through endless Web sites? Try sinking your fangs into WebSnake 1.0, an offline browser that lets you use Anawave's "intelligent pull" technology to search and retrieve files from the Internet. The program supports Web-site mirroring (including directory structure), retrieval of e-mail addresses and site maps, and advanced file searches.

WebSnake's wizard guides you through the creation of a project from scratch. After you've selected your project type and provided a URL, the program does the rest. Additional features include View File Details, which gives you useful information such as filename, size and type, and an extensive help file with more than 50 defined keywords.

Anawave Software
800-711-6030, 714-250-7262
Winfo #582

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 74.

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