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TELEform Internet Solution
Form Filing of the Future

After laboring to fill in every line of a tedious form, you could wind up with writer's cramp, especially if you have to distribute the data in multiple formats. The TELEform Internet Solution automates this process from HTML-based forms. Your company can generate information into one form and then publish it in multiple formats.

Once forms are created, you can place them on your company's Internet/intranet sites, where anyone with a Web browser can complete them. The finished forms are instantly submitted to the TELEform Internet Server using standard data-transmission protocols such as POP3 and MAPI. The TELEform Reader then converts the data into the appropriate database language and transmits it to the specified database. The program includes an HTML export function that converts paper forms into HTML forms.

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Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 74.

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