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Internet Utilities

WebPosition 1.0 helps Web managers improve their Web visibility by reporting their sites' rankings on the most popular search engines. The program performs various searches by keyword, phrase or page URL, and returns reports specific to each search engine. In addition, WebPosition can track the same information on a competitor's site. You can schedule the program to run automated tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Personal version (1 domain name), $99; standard (2 domain names), $189; PRO (10 domain names), $289
800-962-4855, 417-781-3282
Winfo #584

Create 3D characters to use as an interface for different programs with 3D Assistant. After generating and decorating a 3D character, activate it by launching the icon in the Windows system tray. Right-clicking on the character assistant reveals a list of program choices. The program eliminates the need for dialog boxes and menus since the character uses a text-to-speech engine to simulate a voice and personality. Assistants can become more functional by adding IQ Modules.

3D Planet
818-222-7800, fax 818-222-7092
Winfo #585

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 74.

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