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New Products
Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 1000
Sizing Up the Images on Your Monitor

The 21-inch Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 1000 offers CAD/CAM users and desktop publishers a high-quality display designed for working with precise applications.

The monitor offers a 19.7-inch viewable area, a 0.28mm aperture-grille pitch and 1800x1440 maximum resolution at a 76Hz refresh rate. It delivers a 240MHz bandwidth with its P-NX DBF (dynamic beam formatting) electron gun, and it features a 30kHz-to-115kHz horizontal scanning range. The Diamond Pro 1000's casing is built around a high-contrast, antistatic/antiglare CRT that allows high-resolution images to retain their vibrancy and clarity.

Since the monitor uses the Generalized Timing Formula (GTF), you won't have to fumble with cumbersome controls for images to fit properly on the screen. GTF automatically sizes the image to fit the display, no matter what resolution and refresh rate you're using. (See FYI on this page.)

The Diamond Pro 1000's digital chassis provides features such as moire cancellation and user-friendly microprocessor-based commands, which are accessed through the unit's on-screen display and front-panel buttons.

The monitor meets all major emissions and power-management standards, such as TCO, MPRII, EPA Energy Star, DPMS and NUTEK. Mitsubishi backs the monitor with a three-year parts and labor warranty.

Mitsubishi Electronics America
800-843-2515, 714-220-2500
Winfo #564

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 64.

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