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New Products
DVD Multimedia Upgrade Kits
Creative PC-DVD
Multimedia Mania

Multimedia mavens will appreciate the Creative PC-DVD kit, which brings full-motion video and theater-quality sound to your PC. The kit boasts a Dolby Digital connection for 5.1 audio channels and MPEG II to play full-length video (135 minutes)

With an Enhanced IDE interface, the DVD-ROM drive delivers access times of 270ms for DVD-ROM and 180ms for CD-ROM. It has a DVD data-transfer rate of 1350KBps (900KBps for CD-ROM) and can access to up to 17GB of information from a single CD-sized disc.

Creative DVD Theatre Studio software enables you to control the playing of DVD-ROM, DVD videos, audio CDs and CD-ROM applications.

Creative Labs
800-998-5227, 408-428-6600
Winfo #560

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 62.

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