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New Products
In Brief
DVD-ROM Drives

The Samsung SDR-130 DVD-ROM Drive offers MPEG II full-motion video and AC-3 Surround Sound audio, and delivers access times of 220ms for DVD-ROM and 150ms for CD-ROM. The drive has a data-transfer rate of 1350KBps for DVD-ROM and 1200KBps for CD-ROM, and is compatible with DVD-Video, CD-I, and CD-DA and CD-ROM/XA. A headphone jack is included.

Samsung Electronics America
800-933-4110, 201-229-4000
Winfo #562

Like a conventional CD-ROM drive, the LG Electronics DRD-810B DVD-ROM drive fits into a standard half-height PC drive bay. It features a 200ms access time (100ms when reading CD-ROMs), delivers a 1350KBps data-transfer rate (1200KBps for CD-ROM), and is backwards-compatible with CD-ROMs and audio CDs.

LG Electronics USA
800-243-0000, 201-816-2000
Winfo #563

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 62.

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