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New Products
Web Authoring
Cold Fusion 3.0
Cold Fusion Heats Up Web Development

Stop creating Web pages the old-fashioned way. Step up to dynamic, database-driven sites with Cold Fusion 3.0. The latest version of this application-development tool has a cross-platform server that lets you integrate a wide range of technologies, including ODBC databases, e-mail servers, ActiveX Server Components, HTML and full support for Internet protocols.

Version 3.0 also adds the Verity Search '97 engine, which allows you to index and search text stored in both relational databases and standard document files. The Dynamic Java Forms feature lets you create forms using standard HTML syntax and, by using JavaScript, add a wide variety of extra attributes.

The Cold Fusion Studio visual development environment includes rich text editing, project management, remote file access, and tools for building and testing database queries.

Professional Edition, $995; Workgroup Edition, $495 per server.
Allaire Corp.
888-939-2545, 617-761-2000
Winfo #594

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 60.

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