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Web Authoring

Curtis Catalog 4.0 Standard Edition allows you to publish Internet and media-based catalogs that include built-in search and optional on-screen ordering capabilities. Internet database-driven catalogs run under Windows NT and Internet Information Server; static HTML catalogs run on any server; self-supporting catalogs run under Windows 95. The Professional version contains all of the same features, but adds data import and export capabilities and can build HTML pages on the fly.

Standard Edition, $695; Professional Edition, $995 Curtis Software Corp.
310-320-2451, fax 310-320-0648
Winfo #597

With the NetMC 1.5 multimedia authoring tool, you can compose presentations and Web pages that include audio, video, graphics, animation and logic for synchronized playback. The notation utility tracks the elements and direction of your composition. The page tool lets you design the layout of customized videos, images and hot spots for interactive playback. The rapid prototyping environment lets you preview your creations on the fly, while the compression option reduces transfer time after prototyping is complete.

NEC Systems Laboratory
408-433-1358, fax 408-433-1448
Winfo #598

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 60.

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