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New Products
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CD-ROM Accessories

Easy CD Creator Deluxe features CD Spin Doctor, an audio-recording utility that lets you turn scratchy LPs into clear-sounding CDs. The CD-Recording software bundle includes a program for making personal greatest hits CDs, Picture CD Creator for making digital photo albums and Video CD Creator for creating video CDs.

800-442-7274, 408-945-8600
Winfo #801

The Panasonic 12X Big 5 internal five-disc CD-ROM changer is designed to fit in a standard drive bay and includes SmartCD Manager software for automatic disc switching and management. The drive has an 1800-KB-per-second average data-transfer rate, a 130-millisecond access speed and a 128KB buffer for uninterrupted video playback and fast access to data. Units will be available in EIDE and SCSI-2 models.

EIDE, $279; SCSI-2, $389
Panasonic Computer Peripheral Co.
800-742-8086, 201-348-7000
Winfo #802

You can import audio from compact discs, record from digital audio tape or digitize through any Windows-compatible sound card with CD Architect. This waveform editing and audio CD-burning software includes a multifile playlist that previews CDs in real time. Each disc can hold up to 99 tracks with 99 subindexes per track.

Try burning CDs with the DAO method, allowing pause times between tracks or letting tracks run together.

Sonic Foundry
800-57-SONIC, 608-253-3133
Winfo #803

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 59.

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