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E-mail abuse

Nancy A. Lang's suggestion to fight spam (Here's How, Windows on the Web, August) by creating a free e-mail account at www.iname.com, www.juno.com or www.usa.net is offensive. These businesses provide a much-needed service on the Internet. Just because they are free and advertiser-supported, their servers do not deserve to take the load that spam creates. If people actually followed this advice, it would render the services useless for their intended purposes.

Jeff Carpenter

via the Internet

Editor's reply: We're not encouraging people to abuse free mail services. The spammers are doing that. We're just saying that if you must post an e-mail address in a public place like Usenet, you might want to use a free e-mail address rather than an in-house company address. That way, it's easier to separate important mail from junk spam. For further discussion of combatting spam, see our feature "Stop the E-Mail Madness".

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 30.

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