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Instant Gratification

(Dribbleware remains a major point of contention. How do you feel about "Intel Inside"? The debate goes on. And, is Microsoft the Big Brother Orwell imagined?)

The commentary, "Ship Now, Fix Later" by James E. Powell (Dialog Box, July), could not have come at a more relevant time. His assessment of software shipping quality is especially compelling in light of the increasing use of NCs and thin-client computing.

Developing desktop software is a difficult process, compounded by a limitless set of hardware configurations and a similarly huge set of API calls and class libraries. What works on one machine may not work on another.

Using a browser as the gateway to applications (irrespective of underlying platform) is an idea whose time has come. As a consultant working in an Oracle and SQL Server shop, we are using database-development tools that are browser-based to create thin-client solutions that can be deployed on all machines instantly.

Thin-client access makes sense in every way: cost-effectiveness, ease of deployment and reliability.

Ray Tolbert

via the Internet

Windows Magazine, October 1997, page 26.

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