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Maximizer 97is
Web-Aware PIM's Potential Is Not Maximized

-- by James E. Powell

Maximizer 97is has awakened to the Web- the "is" stands for Internet savvy. This PIM has added integration with VIM- and MAPI-compliant e-mail systems, making it a pleasure to send customized e-mail. You can also keep a client's Web page as a custom field, then instantly launch your browser to that site.

Maximizer provides a quick link to DirectAccess, the company's Web site. In the future, DirectAccess intends to house new wizards and tips and host a user's simple Web site. (This feature, which we did not test, requires additional software)

This version of Maximizer sports new wizards for adding a new entry, scheduling appointments, adding a HotList (to-do) item and creating a user-defined field, among other tasks.

The program's built-in word processor worked well (you can also link to Microsoft Word or WordPerfect), and its new Outlook-like interface is much easier to use than earlier versions, except that almost everything is displayed in a grid. Fortunately, you can select which columns to display, and lists are built into the background, so you can work on the first contact found while Maximizer continues a search.

Though much improved, Maximizer still stumbles. A new to-do item added on one screen isn't automatically added to a different view without refreshing the list. You can't send appointment requests via e-mail or check an invitee's response, as you can in Internet Sidekick and Sidekick 97. Furthermore, overlapping appointments are difficult to see. You can drag and drop an appointment, but you can't stretch it to change its duration. Plus, the program takes considerable time to load (on a Pentium 166, 18 seconds seems like forever)

Maximizer 97is adds basic e-mail capabilities and Internet integration, but our WinList choice, ACT 3.0, is also Internet-savvy and offers a better interface. As such, ACT 3.0

remains our favorite.

Maximizer 97is
Bottom Line: Offers basic e-mail capability, but interface is lacking
Price: $149
Platforms: 95, NT
Pros: Good documentation; easy navigation
Cons: Doesn't support appointments via e-mail; slow to load
Strongest Rival: ACT 3.0

Maximizer Technologies, 800-804-6299, 604-601-8088. Winfo #838

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 164.

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