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MGI VideoWave
Catch the VideoWave

-- by James E. Powell

MGI VideoWave makes video editing and production easier than ever. The program lets you capture video; add special effects; overlay titles; add audio; produce AVI, QuickTime or MPEG videos; or create streaming video files for the Internet. In fact, VideoWave performs most of the functions available in professional video-editing packages, albeit with less editing control.

VideoWave's clean design simplifies basic editing functions. At the top of the screen you'll find the Storyline, a series of frames from AVI clips and the transitions between them. At left is a library of multimedia files, which you drag into the central Preview screen to perform editing. The right portion of the screen displays the length of the media you're editing; here, you can cut just the portion you want to use.

The video editor lets you add special effects in real time, and thanks to MMX support, VideoWave applies them with great speed. You can animate text and blend or fade clips. The sound editor lets you record or capture audio. Playback with video lets you fade in and out, repeat a clip and control volume. However, there's no ability to play audio clips in sequence.

VideoWave's controls compare poorly with the precise, detailed controls in our WinList product, Adobe Premiere 4.2. Premiere, designed for professional use, allows you to finely manage transitions, fine-tune image-pan settings and apply far more movie and still-image filters. In addition, VideoWave doesn't use the timeline we find standard in video editing. However, even without the timeline, we could do some basic editing in 10 minutes. VideoWave's video tutorial is also helpful, and its documentation top-notch.

VideoWave is a simple, inexpensive solution for creating video. If you want a full-blown professional editing product, try Premiere. But for assembling multimedia components quickly and easily into a good-quality video presentation, MGI VideoWave goes on our WinList as the budget-wise choice.

MGI VideoWave
Bottom Line: Easy, inexpensive video editing
Price: $99
Platforms: 95
Pros: Intuitive interface; good variety of transitions, effects
Cons: Limited editing controls
Strongest Rival: Adobe Premiere 4.2

MGI Software Corp., 888-MGI-SOFT, 905-764-7000. Winfo #604

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 162.

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