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How did we find all this great shareware? These are the sites we scour every month in search of our Top Ten Shareware picks.

http://www.32bit.com/software - As the URL implies, this is a collection of 32-bit software.

http://www.bsoftware.com/share.htm - The Shareware Shop offers more than 50,000 software titles, as well as reviews, a news wire, want ads, giveaways and an online store.

http://www.filemine.com - TechWeb's Filemine is a Yahoo-style shareware archive that includes a comprehensive index and search engine, as well as comparative shareware product reviews.

http://www.filepile.com/nc/start - FilePile claims to be the world's largest indexed shareware file collection, with more than a million files.

http://www.filez.com - This search engine for FTP servers is much like the old Archie utility: Specify a file, and the search engine finds it or its closest match.

http://www.nonags.com - Nonags contains freeware and shareware that doesn't use the annoying nag screen method of encouraging you to register.

http://www.sharewarejunkies.com - Volunteers review various shareware programs for this site, which also features an online software store.

http://www.stroud.com - Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps is a library of Windows programs used on the Internet. The site is separated into 16- and 32-bit sections. You'll also find a search engine and an index of programs.

http://www.tucows.com - This link brings you to a page where you can select from hundreds of Tucows mirrors around the world.

http://www.windows95.com/apps - Windows95.com provides an extensive selection of 32-bit software for Win95. The site also includes Tips and Tricks, Networking Info (step-by-step instructions on setting up your own network), and Bugs and Fixes.

http://www.windows-nt40.com/apps - This site offers the same format as Windows95.com, except all programs run on Windows NT 4.0.

http://www.winmag.com/software/default.htm - Winmag's own software site includes several homegrown freeware programs, such as utilities from Karen Kenworthy's Power Windows column and WinMag's benchmarking suite, Wintune. You'll also find an archive of our monthly Top Ten Shareware picks. -David Hafke

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 200.

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