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These days, you can even run your Internet servers on shareware. Whether you connect through the Web, ftp or Telnet-you can do it with shareware. For bigger-ticket items such as server software, shareware's try-then-buy proposition is especially inviting.

WinGate 2.0e Lite
This easy-to-use proxy server lets you connect your LAN to the Internet. Just install WinGate on a networked system that's connected to the Internet by a dial-up modem, ISDN or a T1. The server can run on any Windows 95 or NT machine. Workstations on the network can run nearly any operating system with a TCP/IP stack, including Windows for Workgroups, DOS and Macintosh. WinGate includes proxies for Telnet, HTTP, SOCKS, RealAudio, ftp, VDOLive, SMTP, POP3 and Remote Control, and you can create your own proxies for other TCP or UDP protocols.

WinGate lets you create users and groups, give them access rights and audit their usage. The default policies dramatically allow unrestricted access to all users, so you'll want to modify them to establish effective security. WinGate's remote administration functionality lets the administrator manage several proxy servers from a single desktop. 1 user, free; 2 users, $60; 3-5 users, $110; 6-10 users, $215; unlmited users, $320, Deerfield Communications Company, Download WG2E95.EXE, 1.25MB.

FTGate 1.1
FTGate is a full-featured mail system suitable for small organizations, home networks or schools. Its POP3 support assures full compatibility with most popular e-mail clients. It includes an SMTP gateway service that connects the server to the rest of the Internet, and stores mail until a connection is made and the mail can be forwarded. FTGate also provides mailing lists, remote administration and auto-response functionality. 1 mailbox, free; 2-5, $42.25; 6-10, $84.50; 11-20, $169; 21-50, $338; 51-100, $591.50; 100-plus, $845 (based on current exchange rate), Floosietek Ltd., Download FTGATE.ZIP, 1.13MB.

FTP Serv-U 2.2
This Winsock ftp server lets you set rights and access privileges for individual users. It also lets you log activity for security purposes. Guests can connect to your server via any ftp client, such as those included with Win95 and NT. $25, Cat Soft, Download ftpsr.zip (formerly SERVU22.ZIP), 687KB.

Imail 4.0
Imail is a powerful e-mail server that's simple to configure and manage. It provides POP3 services for POP3-compatible clients such as Eudora and Exchange. The server connects to the Internet through SMTP protocol. Users can send e-mail to the list's alias, and all members of the list will receive it. $495, Ipswitch, Download IMTM_X86.ZIP, 2.14MB.

SLnet 2.1
SLnet turns your Windows NT machine into a multi-user application server. Using any Telnet client from any system, users can log on to the system remotely to perform administration and other tasks. SLnet can run any character-based program, whether it's DOS or NT command line software. The administrator grants Telnet access to the proper users, specifying where on the server they're allowed and what they can execute. Each concurrent user, $99; unlimited concurrent users, $699 per server, Seattle Lab, Download SLNET21X.EXE, 1.67MB

Web Show'NTell
A Web server of sorts, Web Show'NTell lets you host chat sessions; chatters use their Web browsers to participate. The program puts a link to your server on your Clipboard. Paste this link into an HTML document to give others easy access to your server. This is a useful tool for collaboration over the Internet, because you need only a browser to join in. $39.95, Information Management Specialists, Download wbshtl.zip (formerly INSTALLSNT.EXE), 2.50MB

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 200.

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