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Game of the Month
Lights, Action, Sarcasm!

Now playing at your local computer store-You Don't Know Jack Movies. This film-themed trivia game can't resist a good pun-from animated take-offs of famous logos to terror-crazed screams of "It's a five!" Quirky titles like "Phobias and Childbirth" hide questions about anything from "Double Indemnity" to "Dante's Peak." You can play alone, but it's more fun with two or three. Make sure you're on your toes at all times, because the game's got the usual array of fast-paced trick questions used in the original You Don't Know Jack. So brush up on your knowledge of Corey Haim films; it's time for a Jack Attack.

$30. Berkeley Systems, 800-757-7707. 510-540-5535. Winfo #877


Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 335.

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