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Productivity software makes your job easier by speeding up or your programs or by making them more useful. That covers a lot of ground, so an abundance of software fits into this category. These apps will help you do everything from managing your time to sharing a modem among computers.

Remotely Possible/32 3.2
Remotely Possible/32 lets you control one or more computers running Windows 3.x, 95 or NT from a remote location. You can connect to another computer to control it as if you were sitting in front of it, by using the applications, printers and other resources on the remote computer. This is a great tool for commanding your office PC from home (or vice versa), troubleshooting someone else's computer or showing a colleague how to perform a task.

With Remotely Possible installed on both systems, you can connect to a remote computer via a dial-up or LAN connection. The software supports TCP/IP, IPX and NetBIOS protocols, as well as the direct modem connection. In addition, the program supports multiple concurrent protocols and connections, so you can control multiple computers at one time, regardless of whether they're using the same protocol. The program lets you transfer files between systems. It also provides a chat mode, which lets you chat with a person at the remote computer.

Controlling one or more PCs remotely raises security issues, and Remotely Possible/32 offers several security levels to suit your needs. In addition to multilevel passwords, the program offers callback to a programmed address, optional log-in, multiple access levels, and the ability to disable the keyboard, mouse and screen. $169, Avalan Technology, Download 3232I95T.ZIP, 358KB.

Internet Neighborhood 1.1
This is one of those productivity tools that make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Internet Neighborhood integrates ftp and the Windows Explorer. In effect, the program lets you view ftp sites on the Internet or an intranet the same way you view local resources-as a set of hierarchical folders. It offers many great features, including the ability to log in using an account name other than anonymous. $24.95, KnoWare, Download IN32.ZIP, 1100KB.

Time & Chaos 32 5.2.9
This Web-enabled PIM helps you track names, dates, addresses and other contact information. The program supports drag and drop, making it easy to create appointments and tasks, and attach notes to an entry. Like many other PIMs, Time & Chaos 32 lets you store Web and e-mail addresses, putting Web sites and instant e-mail addressing a single click away. $45, iSBiSTER International, Download CHAOS32X.EXE, 268MB.

WinHacker 2.02
Like Microsoft's PowerToys, WinHacker lets you control many of the Win95 settings that are otherwise buried deep in the Registry. But it goes beyond PowerToys by letting you hide drives, control how shortcut icons appear, add special folders to the desktop and Start menu, change startup options and more. $17.95, Wedge Software, Download WH95V202.EXE, 1.10MB.

ZipMagic 1.0
Unlike most other zip file managers, ZipMagic integrates with the Win95 interface, treating zip files like folders. Zip files are represented by a special folder icon, and double-clicking on the icon opens a standard Windows Explorer window. The contents of the zip file appear as regular file icons, which you can drag and drop. $39.95, Mijenix Corp., Download ZM95-10.EXE, 1.21MB

Web Show'NTell
A Web server of sorts, Web Show'NTell lets you host chat sessions; chatters use their Web browsers to participate. The program puts a link to your server on your Clipboard. Paste this link into an HTML document to give others easy access to your server. This is a useful tool for collaboration over the Internet, because you need only a browser to join in. $39.95, Information Management Specialists, Download INSTALLSNT.EXE, 2.50MB

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 200.

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