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Win Tips

Avoid Cookie Crumbs

If you give your Netscape Navigator COOKIES.TXT file a Read-Only attribute, sites won't be able to write to it; there won't be any error messages, and the sites will think they are writing to it successfully. Right-click on the COOKIES.TXT file in your Navigator director, select Properties and check the Read-Only box.

-Mark Farthing

Plug-In Plaza

Plug-ins extend your browser's functionality. Some of the best multimedia Web content uses a plug-in to play a file. For a complete list of plug-ins, go to BrowserWatch's Plug-in Plaza at http://browserwatch.internet.com/plug-in.html.

Turn Off The Bell

If you need a stretch of peace and quiet while Microsoft NetMeeting is running, prevent any calls from getting through by hanging a Do Not Disturb sign. Select Call/Do Not Disturb; NetMeeting won't notify you of incoming calls.

Fat-Free Cookies

Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer offer protection from cookies, those nuggets of personal information a Web site stores on your hard drive for easy access next time around. In Communicator, go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced and select Never Accept Cookies. In IE3, go to View/Options, select the Advanced tab and check "Warn before accepting cookies." In IE4, the box reads "Do not warn before accepting cookie," so uncheck it if you want the warning.

Free Advertising

Submit-It (http://free.submit-it.com) offers a free service that allows you to register your site with 20 search engines, indexes and storefront lists, including the popular AltaVista and Infoseek search engines.

Get Around Communicator Fast

Get one-button access to Netscape Communicator's browser, mailbox, forums and editing components using the Communicator taskbar. You can either dock it in the lower right-hand corner of the window or float it anywhere you want.

HTML Direct

Although the Microsoft FrontPage 97 editor doesn't show you HTML tags in its WYSIWYG window, you still have access to that code. Select View/HTML to see and edit the tags.

Cool Keyword Combos

Just typing a few keywords into AltaVista won't guarantee that you'll get search results featuring all those words. The trick is to put a plus sign (+) before each keyword, which guarantees those words will be contained on every results page.

E-Mail Outline

If you have a series of reply messages under a single subject, Netscape Communicator lets you organize them in a hierarchy based on their time stamps so you can easily follow the sequence. First open your Netscape Inbox, then click on the far-left side of the header bar where you see a series of black lines.

Sign Your E-Mail

When we told you in our July issue how to add a signature or signature file to the end of e-mail messages, we left out a step in IE. To set a signature file in IE3, click on the Mail icon, select Read Mail, open the Mail menu, select Options, and then click on the Signature tab. Now click the Text radio button and type in the desired signature text. In IE4, click on the Mail icon, select Read Mail and Tools/Mail Options to get to the Signature tab.

Find that Address Quickly

When writing e-mail in Netscape Communicator, you can search e-mail directories right from the mail window. Select Edit/Search Directory. You'll get a drop-down menu with the Four11, InfoSpace, WhoWhere, Bigfoot and Switchboard directories. You can add any LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory to the search list.

Safety First

Java applets and ActiveX controls have security holes that hackers can exploit. To protect your system from any potential rogue programs, set your browser's security options to prohibit downloading those components. In Internet Explorer, go to View/Options and select the Security tab. The Safety Level button gives you the choice of High, Medium or None. By selecting either High or Medium, you can either ban downloads or be given the chance to approve them.

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 106.

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