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No More Icon Blues

-- Do your Windows 95 Desktop icons appear to be a little distorted? Or maybe there's a different icon where the IE browser button should be? Here's a possible solution: Search for a file named ShellIconCache (you can usually find it in your Windows root directory, but that's not always the case) and click on Delete. This should force Explorer to rebuild all the Desktop icons correctly.

-- Many people remain logged onto their office computer when they leave, just so they can access it from a remote site. Of course, network managers take a dim view of this, since it opens up a huge security hole. Windows 98, or whatever the next version of Windows is called, will solve the problem. As part of the operating system's advanced power management, you'll be able to set up your system so you can log on to your desktop via your modem.

-- Do you own a Number Nine 9FX Reality 332 or 9FX Reality 772 video card? If so, you can boost its performance by as much as 25 percent under Windows95 with the new drivers at http://www.nine.com/support/drivers/index.html.

-- We've heard reports of problems with Win95 clients running attached to NT Server 4.0. If you check Event Viewer on your server, you may see "Unexpected network error with virtual circuit of workstation A" (source: Rdr)." Technical director Art Brieva reports that he solved this problem by installing Service Pack 1A or better.

-- On Windows NT, instituting the Hide All Drives policy doesn't prevent users from accessing drives through Internet Explorer (by typing C:\ as the URL), or from any Open or Save dialogs. The only real protection is to use NTFS.

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 102.

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