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New Products
Take Active Control of Your Schedule

SolutionsPIM is a collection of a dozen ActiveX controls that allow you to add scheduling functionality to your development application. The Day View control lets you view up to 32,000 overlapping appointments in 5-, 10-, 15-, 30- or 60-minute intervals; add reminder, private and tentative icons; adjust the start and end time-of-day; and display standard or military time. Methods are supplied to add, change and delete appointments.

With the Weekly View control you can view one to 31 days at a time, and highlight prime-time hours and weekends. The Monthly View supports drag-and-drop, first-day-of-the-week selection, indepen- dent weekend colors and multiple date selection, and includes an optional View Only mode. A Yearly Calendar control can display three, four, six or 12 months, and you can choose the starting month and year.

SolutionsPIM includes sample applications written in Visual Basic 4.0, Visual FoxPro 3.0, PowerBuilder 5 and Delphi 2.0.

$179. dbi Technologies, 800-670-8045, 204-985-5773. Winfo #662

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 100.

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