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New Products
In Brief

Build toolbars like an ace with this set of ActiveX controls. AceToolbar can create IE3, Office 97 and customizable toolbars with arbitrary button shapes and automatic highlighting for MouseOver events. The software allows you to group and toggle buttons, and offers built-in tooltip support.



800-307-3883, 415-254-0610

Winfo #665

Define graphical objects, and control how they appear and interact with each other, with Objective Diagram, a Visual C++/MFC class library that supports graphical objects with a variety of fill patterns, line styles and color schemes. Objects can be joined at predefined connection points, and diagrams can be bound to data and automatically updated without developer interaction. The program's Objective Diagram Designer lets you create and manipulate new graphical objects and add them to a palette.


Stingray Software

800-924-4223, 919-461-0672

Winfo #666

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 100.

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