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Darwin NoteBoard Keyboard
Keyboard Evolution

For notebook users, there's nothing like a full-size keyboard to make you feel at home. The Darwin NoteBoard Keyboard, with four adjustable legs (six positions) and a 104-key, Windows 95 keyboard, sits nicely over any laptop keyboard. The charcoal-colored, 3.2-pound keyboard features a built-in wrist rest, a matching NoteMouse and a mildly resistant tactile response.

A 4.9-inch cord ensures the same level of usability and comfort you would expect from any desktop system without the expense of a docking station-especially if your notebook is your primary computer.

LaunchBoard Software is included for customizing the 15 function keys you can use to launch applications and Web sites at a touch.

$99.95. Darwin Keyboards Ltd., 888-4-DARWIN, 415-621-1151. Winfo #669

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 98.

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