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New Products
In Brief

The APC SurgeArrest SurgeStation features eight outlets, including three that are spaced to handle transformer blocks and two that remain on for devices requiring constant power. Using a wiring-fault indicator, you can diagnose a wiring problem as soon as the unit is plugged in.

From $59.99

American Power Conversion

800-877-4080, 401-789-5735

Winfo #670

The Kensington SmartSockets Premium Adapter surge suppressor accommodates six large AC power adapters and incorporates an 8-foot cord, a recessed push-button switch, a warning light (red if your outlet is not properly grounded, green for "all clear") and color-coded rings for easy cord identification. It features a 1500 joule rating and a right-angle plug, and provides a set of protected phone jacks for surge protection.


Kensington Technology Group

800-535-4242, 415-572-2700

Winfo #671

Keyboard Express 2.0 has macros that can run at a given time interval, run at start-up, play sound and even repeat themselves. You can define over 450 hotkeys, each with up to 5,000 keystrokes. Macros can launch programs and include a message window when paused.


Insight Software Solutions

801-295-1890, fax 801-299-1781

Winfo #672

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 98.

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