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New Products
Coast WebMaster 2.0
Web Monitoring Day and Night

Monitor your Web sites around the clock with Coast WebMaster 2.0, an open site-analysis software package that supports both secure sites and data-driven content.

The program identifies and repairs broken links, provides drag-and-drop file management and actively monitors your Web content.

The ActiveScan feature collects and maintains data keyed into forms and applications when WebMaster loads a site for the first time. Webmasters can then verify all the active content on a site without having to complete every form each time.

You can repair broken links remotely: When the link has been repaired, the updated HTML code is automatically posted to your Web server.

WebMaster can be configured to identify itself as any browser. Sites with certain browser-specific codes can then be verified and maintained.

$495. Coast Software, 613-567-3201, fax 613-567-0690. Winfo #584

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 96.

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