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New Products
Express PageMeter
Track the Trips to Your Web Pages

If you're a Web-content provider, determining the precise number of visitors to your site can be a real challenge. Express PageMeter offers a possible solution by seeing past proxy and browser caches in order to obtain accurate counts of Web-site hits.

The program notifies the Web server each time a page is requested, even when it's served from a cache.

In addition, Express PageMeter can track discrete and repeat visitors behind proxy servers. Its reverse lookup feature allows you to see the domain name of every visitor to your site.

PageMeter features a dynamic hit counter that "rolls" in real time as someone visits your page. It also provides information on the length of the visit by tracking arrivals and departures. PageMeter's reporting feature includes customizable reconfigured reports as well as the ability to create new ones using Microsoft Access, a runtime version of which is included in the product.

Express PageMeter enables you to display the number of visitors on your page on a constantly changing graph that corresponds to Web-site activity as it happens.

Free download for a limited time. WRQ, 800-872-2829, 206-217-7100. Winfo #583

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 96.

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