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New Products
In Brief

WebCast lets companies and individuals broadcast live video over the Internet. Anyone with a browser can view your video without installing a plug-in.

The WebCast Personal edition includes streaming video and audio, four receiver licenses, Caller ID and Caller blocking.

The ProServer edition adds teleconferencing capability, lock-and-key security and unlimited receiver licenses.

Personal edition, $49.95; ProServer edition, $995


800-328-1128, 954-583-5990

Winfo #586

Collect and organize information from the Internet and other electronic sources simultaneously using Zoot 3.1. Zoot works with any standard Web browser. Using its Auto-Clip Taskbar, the program collects information while working with browsers, word processors and Windows-based CD-ROM software.


Zoot Software

800-699-6395, 802-453-6474

Winfo #587

LinkScan 2.1 uses multithreaded simultaneous processing to check up to 40,000 Internet or intranet links per hour. It supports proxy servers and gives administrators more flexibility when integrating the program into complex intranet environments.


Electronic Software Publishing Corp.


Winfo #588

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 96.

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