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NeoBook Professional is a 32-bit authoring tool that allows you to create interactive software programs such as electronic books, presentations, greeting cards and games. Create screens for your electronic publication by dropping text and images onto blank "pages." You can import text, graphics, animation and audio files, as well as add rules, fonts and control buttons. The publication can then be compiled into an executable program.


NeoSoft Corp.

800-545-1392, 541-389-5489

Winfo #569

Develop cutting-edge Web sites with HomeSite 2.5. The HTML design tool adds editing, project management, application development functionality and extended support for site management and Web technologies. Using a visual editing environment with a range of options, HomeSite features customizable color-coded editing, drag-and-drop file- and image-handling, multiple- document editing, drop-down menus, and extended search-and-replace functions.


Allaire Corp.

888-939-2545, 617-761-2000

Winfo #570

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 84.

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